North Myrtle Beach Property Taxes

Growth Of North Myrtle Beach City Limits Will Mean A Temporary Property Tax Increase
The proposed  increase in the acreage within North Myrtle Beach's city limits for the development of a Sports Complex, Amphitheater, Dog Park, a Water Park, along with residential and commercial zoning will be paid for through a bond.  Property owners will see an increase in their property taxes, but only for eight years.  It is estimated that a primary residence valued at $200,000 would owe an additional $48 per year.  The North Myrtle Beach City Council stated that the additional tax would be removed after the eight years. 
The Example Below Does Not Include The Proposed Temporary Tax:
An example of the Property Tax costs for North Myrtle Beach on a home or condo valued at $150,000:

A legal resident is taxed at 4 % x a millage rate of .0995 = $597 property tax per year.
A non-resident is taxed at 6 % x a millage rate of .2228 = $2,005 property tax per year.

At age 65 with at least one year of legal residency there is a Homestead Exemption of $50,000
Using the example value from above this homeowner would have a property tax of $398 per year.

Property tax millage amounts vary throughout the state of South Carolina and throughout each County.  Some areas have a higher millage tax if you are within the city limits.  Everyone with a North Myrtle Beach mailing address is taxed at the millage rates you see in the example above.
You will not atomatically get the Resident real estate property tax rate when you buy real estate and move to South Carolina.  You must complete a RESIDENCE FORM